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Equestrian Land for Sale

After building or investment land, our next ‘best-seller’ is land for horses or similar animal husbandry. Below is our guide to buying equestrian land for sale.

Location is probably the most important consideration, unless you are prepared to move or relocate. Most buyers will normally only consider land for sale that is within a 10 mile radius of their home - or the equivalent of a 15 minute car journey - in an emergency getting to the land in good time can be crucial.

Size or acreage
Acreage is important but varies with different kinds of animals. Field kept horses, for example, require a one minimum of an acre per horse. In certain areas, such as the Chilterns, the recommended minimum is two acres per horse because of the condition of the grassland and ground.

Other animals, such as sheep or goats, can survive on most smaller acreage e.g. 6 to 10 sheep per acre. Free range chickens have a smaller requirement still.

Access is another important issue for people with animal and is often overlooked in the first instance. For example, could you get a 4x4 vehicle and a trailer onto the land? An ideal situation is a gated access from a maintained highway with hard standing through and around the access point.

A good sound stock-proofed is an essential item for grazing animals. A strong hedge is not necessarily sufficient to keep a pesky pony in a field in the winter. And these days, if an animal escapes and causes an accident, the owner can potentially be liable.

Putting new fencing around land is expensive and when looking at land that is not stock-proofed, it is advisable to get quotes to cover the cost of the work. Fencing a couple of acres with good post and rail or equivalent, could be over £5,000.

Animals like humans require water. Horses, for example, drink several gallons of water a day, which is a lot to carry if your land doesn’t have water via the mains.

In the winter months, all animals do better if they are in a more sheltered environment. They basically require less feed, that costs the owner less money. Therefore, another key consideration when looking at land is how sheltered it is.

Grazing land can be rented out at around £500 to £1000 per acre which means you can earn while you invest.

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